Surface Treatment, Assembly and Finishing

Surface Treatment

Through our network of proven subcontractors we can offer the following finishes complimenting
the machined parts that we produce:

  • Austempering - post-machining to greatly improve wear resistance on parts         
  • Electro-paint - pre- or post- machining
  • Grinding
  • Induction hardening
  • Powder coating - pre- or post- machining
  • Nylon coating


From simple push fits to complex multi-component assembly we can simplify your own assembly

Using our network of proven sub-suppliers we welcome the opportunity to source sub-components.

We embrace new technology such as the application of liquid silicon seals to greatly simplify
the assembly of components at the end user, removing the need for separate seals and gaskets.


Where cleanliness is an issue, parts are washed to ensure efficient removal of debris.

To meet the ever-increasing need of our customers for clean components, our Inspection department
offers the latest cleanliness testing and analysis.

Pressure Testing

To guarantee the air or water tightness of critical components or assemblies, we will develop
bespoke testing equipment to meet the most stringent of needs.