Iron Castings:

Ductile / SG Iron:

Good casting properties combined with strength and elongation, an excellent alternative to steel castings and forgings.

Ductile SiMo / Ni-resist:

These alloyed SG irons give better performance at higher temperatures. Ideal for engine and exhaust manifold applications.

Austempered Ductile Iron (ADI):

With special heat-treatment Austempered Ductile Iron gives excellent performance where strength and wear resistance are key.

Grey Iron:

The traditional "cast iron", good wear and damping properties.

All of the above cast irons can easily be sourced "in group". However we welcome the opportunity to quote to machine free-issue
iron castings, or iron castings purchased from a nominated source.

Aluminium Castings:

CNC Speedwell also machines a range of Aluminium castings, and would welcome the opportunity to quote your requirements.

Our network of proven suppliers can supply high pressure, low pressure, and sand cast aluminium castings to international specifications. Alternatively, we can machine free-issue material, or purchase raw material from customer-nominated sources.


We welcome the opportunity to supply you with machined forgings.